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Viktoria Zaruches, Founder & CEO
Passionate About Inspiring Others

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, I immigrated to the U.S. with my family at a very young age.  Overcoming many obstacles in childhood and early adulthood, I found myself on the familiar journey of finding myself and looking to improve my self-image.


It wasn't until I graduated college and had already worked in the fashion industry for several years, that I realized I needed a mentor- Someone who was in life where I wanted to be. Someone who not only was successful in their career, but also had success in other areas of their life. 


By a twist of fate, my journey led me on the path of personal development and coaching/mentorship.  Through my dynamic and rewarding journey, I learned that confidence and self-image wasn't merely about how somebody looked on the exterior, but just as importantly, how they felt on the inside. For our self-image is not only what we think of ourselves, but actually, what we think others think of us.

Each of us is designed to be perfectly imperfect- and that is what makes us so unique! When we are willing to accept and even embrace our authentic selves, we can realize our true potential and unleash our talents and abilities!

With a desire to combine my experience in the fashion industry with personal development, LIFESTYLE IMAGE was created to empower your life- personally or professionally.


I reside in Northern Virginia with my husband (who happens to also be my best friend), our two energetic young boys, and sweet dog.


Gainesville, VA 20155

Tel: 646-427-1587

Email: viktoria@lifestyleimg.com

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