Viktoria Zaruches, Founder & CEO

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, I immigrated to the U.S. with my family at the young age of five.  Overcoming many obstacles in childhood and early adulthood, I found myself on the familiar journey of finding myself and looking to improve my self-image, authenticity, and self-love.


Through my dynamic journey, I learned that self-image wasn't merely about how somebody looked on the exterior, but more importantly, it's about how someone felt on the inside. Each of us is designed to be perfectly imperfect- and that is what makes us so unique! That is where our Super Power resides! When we are willing to accept and even embrace our authentic selves, we can begin to step into our fullest potential!

With a desire to combine my experience in leadership mentorship, paired with my own personal development journey, I have a deep desire to help women discover their authentic self, help unleash their potential and live their very best life. I offer Usui Reiki healing, and 1 on 1 transformational coaching to help release whatever is holding you back and step into that untapped potential that lies within.


Passionate About Inspiring Others